Raymond Ravis Attorney at Law

If you’ve been in an automobile accident or suffered any other type of personal injury, worries about money, future expenses and lost wages may be consuming your thoughts. Jacksonville-based Ray Ravis is the attorney to call to find the  peace of mind that you need in order to complete your recovery.


Why call Ray?

Ray cuts through the noise. He provides thorough and personalized help to victims who are confused about their options but want to be sure that they are making the right decisions.
Ray takes the time. He meets with his clients personally and gives them the prompt attention they deserve. He gathers the right details, asks the right questions and gets all of the details so you can get the answers you need.
Ray can make the case. He has practiced in Florida since 1998, focusing near exclusively on personal injury and car crash cases. Plus, he’s worked to defend insurance companies in the past, so Ray knows how they operate. He can help you communicate with insurance companies and can get you ready for what to expect.
Plus, new Florida laws make calling a personal injury attorney after an automobile accident more important than ever.
The 14-Day Law requires victims to seek medical attention within two weeks after an automobile accident and limits what kind of doctors can evaluate if any injuries occurred. Don’t wait to find out that you’ve lost your ability to seek fair compensation for your injuries. Even if you’re unsure about the extent of injuries, an attorney can advise you on what steps you need to take to be evaluated and seek treatment.
With his personal attention, Ray Ravis can help you feel assured that you’re getting all the help you need to make a full and fair recovery after a car accident.