Why Call Ray

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Car crashes are frightening experiences that can not only cause damage and injuries, but also create worries and stress for the victims. Often they will call a number from a big law firm they see on TV, when all they really need  are  answers to their questions and the peace of mind to know that there is a strong voice speaking up for their rights.

By calling Ray Ravis, you’ll get an attorney that puts you first. You won’t have to wait for answers to your questions or wonder if your legal representation is doing all they can to support your case. From the first consultation to the case’s conclusion, Ray provides the personalized service that you can’t get by dialing a number on TV.

Ray educates and communicates with his clients about their case so that they can feel secure that they are being treated fairly and are getting the best outcome.

Here are some of the qualities Ray offers his clients:


Attention to Detail

With his attention to detail and focus on personal service, Ray Ravis is the attorney to call if you have questions about your rights following a car crash or any other accident that results in personal injury. Ray brings a personal touch that will educate you about the system and make you feel assured you’ve received the justice you are entitled to. 



Educated at Florida State University’s College of Law, Ray has practiced law since 1998, focusing on personal injury cases like automobiles accidents. With his experience and knowledge, he can tackle almost any case including   vehicular accidents, medical negligence, slip-and-fall injuries or wrongful death.

He’s even worked as defense attorney for insurance companies, so he knows how they operate and how to plan out a case against them. He can give you the advice you need to take the right course of action, and his personal service is one reason why he has earned top marks from respected legal rating services like Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers, and Avvo.

Quick Response and the 14-Day Rule

Recent changes to Florida law make quick and timely action crucial for anyone who has been injured in a car accident. But Ray works faster than the system. With only 14 days to take action, every second counts. This new law not only restricts your time to act, it can also restrict what kind of doctors you see. As a result of the 14-day law, many doctors don’t want to treat personal injury cases. By calling Ray early after your accident, you learn how to get the medical care you need right away in addition to what kind of legal actions you may need to take later.